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Concrete Services Villa Park

concrete services Villa Park

Concrete Company Villa Park

Properly installed concrete is not only easy to maintain, but also very durable. It can last for decades with only some minor resurfacing and cosmetic retouches. This makes concrete a highly desirable building material for both commercial and residential use. At D.E.L Concrete, Inc, we provide expert concrete services ranging from initial installation to decorative finishing techniques.

Villa Park Concrete Driveways

Driveways are some of the most important installations on any property because they have an impact on its value. Poor, pothole ridden driveways leave a poor impression on visitors, damage cars, and can compromise the aesthetic of your property. As experienced concrete installers, we build strong and durable driveways that can stand the test of time.

Our team uses a tried and tested concrete mix that has a superior ability to withstand different weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, and vehicular traffic well. Our first step is to establish a good foundation with a solid wire frame and rebar. We then pour special concrete mix, let it cure, and add the finish touches you need. Our concrete material is long-lasting and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions well. If you follow basic maintenance instructions, the surface will last for decades.

Concrete Sidewalks Villa Park

Most people don’t realize that sidewalks can have an impact on their properties visual appeal as well as value. Our team can install a durable, visually appealing sidewalk near your property. We know these installations are used by children, family members, and guests, which is why our team follows the established building code standards without fail.

Sidewalks we install are durable, weather-resistant, and come in wide range of finishes. You can choose which design appeals to you and matches the property well.

At D.E.L Concrete Inc, we handle other concrete projects like patios, pool, resurfacing, walkways, etc. If you need good quality services, contact us at 630 669 0196.

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