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Concrete Services Oak Park

concrete services Oak Park

Concrete Company Oak Park

Homeowners want to make sure their homes look just a beautiful from the outside as they do on the inside. They spend time, effort, and money building great lawns, backyards, and similar landscape installations. Driveways and sidewalks are some of the most important aspects of the outdoor space. They are the first things most people see when they enter your property. At D.E.L Concrete, Inc, we will make sure these installations are strong, durable, and visually appealing.

Oak Park Concrete Driveways

Driveways might look simple on the surface, but they require skill and knowledge to install. Concrete needs a good foundation because if the ground it too even, it will crack and form dents. Our team will first remove all debris from the land, which includes old concrete, and level it. They will then install a wire frame structure that will act as support for the driveway before pouring the concrete mixture.

The wireframe gives the concrete driveway stability and ensures it can withstand heavy vehicular and foot traffic. A well-installed and well-maintained concrete driveway will easily last for decades. If the surface forms a few minor cracks and dents several years down the line, we can easily resurface it.

Concrete Sidewalks Oak Park

Sidewalks are just as important as driveways, though many property owners tend to neglect them. A good sidewalk adds to your property’s beauty and provides a safe space to walk, run, or play on. All sidewalks we build live up to the local building code and are very strong. We can also add different kinds of finishes to improve the aesthetics of these features.

A well-constructed sidewalk will handle heavy foot traffic without experiencing too much wear and tear.

At D.E.L Concrete Inc, we also build concrete pools, patios, walkways, foundations, and can handle demolition or excavation as well. If you need good quality services, contact us at 630 669 0196.

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