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Not only is well built concrete easy to clean but it is also very durable. With just a few mild resurfacing and cosmetic retouches it can last for decades. This makes concrete an highly suitable construction material for industrial as well as residential use. We provide specialist concrete services at D.E.L Concrete, Inc, ranging from original construction to decorative finishing techniques.

Concrete driveways at Westchester

Driveways are some of the most critical amenities on any house, because they affect its worth. Bad, pothole riddled driveways leave tourists with a negative feeling, hurt vehicles and can ruin the property’s aesthetics. We build strong and durable driveways, as experienced concrete installers, that can stand the test of time.

Our team uses a tried and tested concrete blend that has a proven potential to easily handle diverse environmental conditions, changes in temperature and vehicle traffic. Our first step is to lay the foundation for a sturdy wire frame and rebar. Then we pour a special blend of concrete, let it cure and apply the final touches you need. Our concrete material is robust and can well withstand any type of environmental conditions. The coating will last for decades, if you obey simple maintenance directions.

Sidewalks Westchester in concrete

Most people don’t know that sidewalks can affect the visual appearance as well as valuation of their assets. Our team will be able to install a sturdy, visually appealing sidewalk near your house. We know kids, family members and guests use these facilities, which is why our team follows the established building code standards without fail.

Sidewalks we install are durable, resistant to weather and come in a wide range of finishes. You can pick which style appeals to you and blends in well with the house.

We perform other construction projects at D.E.L Construction Inc, such as patios, reservoir, resurfacing, walkways, etc. If you need facilities of high quality please contact us at 630 669 0196.

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