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Concrete Company Villa Park

Concrete has been used for outdoor installations for decades. In fact, it is one of the most popular materials in landscape installations. While this material is extremely resilient, it is prone to cracking and settling, if it isn’t installed well using good quality products. This is why you need experienced contractors for the job. We at D.E.L Concrete, Inc. handle all types of concrete installation projects for commercial and residential clients.

Villa Park Concrete Driveways

A driveway is a very visible aspect of your property and has an impact on the overall appeal, functionality,and value of your home or commercial establishment. A cracked, uneven driveway not only mars the appearance of your property but also leaves a very poor impression on guests and visitors. Aside from this, a badly damaged surface can also be unsafe for use.

When you hire us for your driveway installation project, you have the assurance that experienced and expert concrete installers are handling the job. The driveway we construct for you will be aesthetically appealing, sturdy and long lasting too.

Concrete Sidewalks Villa Park

While most property owners focus on getting the concrete flatwork in the main areas of the landscape installed properly, the sidewalks tend to get neglected. However, these features are as important as any other outdoor area. Hiring experts like us is one of the best ways to make sure that your concrete sidewalks are as appealing, safe and durable as your driveway.

We follow the existing building code standards while handling this job, and you can rest assured that your concrete sidewalk would stand the test of time. Based on your styling preferences, you can choose from different finishes and textures to create the aesthetic you want on your property.

Contact D.E.L Concrete Inc. at (630)66-0196 for a range of concrete services like resurfacing, flatwork, pool areas, patios, and other similar installations.

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