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Concrete is an incredibly flexible commodity that is durable and can be used in various outdoor structures. At D.E.L Concrete Inc., we are specialist concrete builders who have the expertise, knowledge, who capital to build concrete structures of all forms. If you are trying to settle for nothing but Bensenville ‘s best concrete service, we ‘re the professionals to call.

Concrete driveways at hillside

A driveway is one of the first things seen for any tourist or guest, making it an significant part of your house. Due to foot and vehicular traffic this feature experiences significant wear and tear. Although concrete is incredibly durable and solid, employing the services of professional installers is important to ensure it can last for decades and look fantastic as well. Here is how we treat construction work on concrete driveways:

A very good base will be built, and consideration should be taken to ensure that it is well leveled and secure. The original concrete is completely washed out and a steel frame with rebar is built for protection.

For the job, we use high quality concrete mixes, meaning that you have a driveway that looks fantastic and works well.

Since there are a variety of different concrete finishes to choose from, you can rest assured that this feature will be as exclusive and attractive as you wish.

Bensenville Concrete Sidewalks

It is equally necessary to have a robust and beautiful concrete sidewalk as providing a nice driveway. In Bensenville, we will sell you excellent, code-compliant concrete sidewalks. We use concrete blends of the highest quality and the new construction methods in our practice, to achieve the best performance.

Call D.E.L Concrete Inc. for a variety of concrete amenities, such as resurfacing, flatwork, pool areas, patios and other related facilities at (630)66-0196.

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