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concrete services Glen EllynConcrete Company Glen Ellyn

Concrete is a durable and versatile building material, which is one of the reasons why it has become very popular in the recent years. At D.E.L Concrete Inc, we understand concrete and know how to install durable surfaces. If you’re looking for a reliable concrete company in Glen Ellyn, give us a call today!

Glen Ellyn Concrete Driveways

Driveways are important entry points of any property. They experience a lot of wear due to vehicular traffic and regular use. While concrete is a resilient material, you need to choose the right concrete and a good installer to ensure the surface lasts for a long time while remaining unblemished. Here’s a look at how we handle our concrete driveway installations:

  • We first lay down the concrete foundation to ensure it is strong and flat. This involves clearing out old concrete and installing a wire frame with rebar as support.
  • Our team then mixes good-quality concrete with proven real-life performance to ensure your driveway is durable.

We can add any kind of finish you desire to make sure the surface looks great and fits in well with the property architecture. Our experts will also provide detailed maintenance instructions to help extend the surface’s lifespan.

Concrete Sidewalks Glen Ellyn

Concrete sidewalks have an impact on accessibility and your property’s value, but most people don’t think about improving it or installing a new one. We have worked with several clients in Glen Ellyn and enhanced their sidewalks. We choose superior quality concrete mixes and expert installation techniques to get durable results.

Our team also makes sure all concrete sidewalks are code compliant and live up to safety standards established by the local government. These sidewalks are also great to look at, which means they enhance the visual appeal of your property.

At D.E.L Concrete Inc, we provide related concrete services like flatwork, resurfacing, pool area, patio, and other such installations. If you need good quality services, contact us at 630 669 0196.

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