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concrete-pool-patio-pool-deck-lombard-ilLooking for the perfect pool patio or pool deck for your DuPage County home?  The experts at DEL Concrete specialize in concrete pool deck & pool patio installation and repair.  We are a licensed and bonded concrete contractor that serves the greater Lombard IL area and DuPage County.

When it comes to deciding on a pool deck and pool patio we recommend using concrete versus other material.  Concrete in large part will last longer than other material choices.  If you are considering using wood or paver patio for your patio & deck then there are several things to consider.  A wood deck will easily give way to rot due to pool water eroding away the surface.  Pavers will often be stained by cholrine and will eventually shift due to water soaking through the cracks.  When it comes to longevity of material for your pool deck or pool patio then choose concrete.

Planning a Concrete Pool Deck or Pool Patio – Stamped vs Brushed/Broomed Concrete

Now that you decided to use concrete for your material around your pool patio and pool deck one must now decide on what style of concrete to go with.  There are two options to consider, concrete stamped and concrete brushed or broomed.  A pool patio that consists of stamped concrete can give your surface a natural stone look.  A stamped pool patio or pool deck may cost a little extra but will give a great look to your finished outdoor living space.  A concrete pool patio or deck with brushed or broomed finish will be practical and still look good.  Either way you choose your concrete pool patio and pool deck will be a secure and aseptically pleasing place to gather around the pool.

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Concrete Pool Deck and Pool Patio Contractor in Lombard IL & DuPage County

When it comes to a reliable residential concrete contractor in Lombard IL, D.E.L Concrete Contractors in Lombard IL comes highly recommended.  We treat each one of our residential concrete jobs with the same care no matter how big or small of a job.  We also treat our clients as if they were family.  D.E.L Concrete Contractors know that our best advertising is Word of Mouth from our previous customers.  Give us a call today to start your residential concrete job today!