Concrete Patio Contractor Lombard IL & DuPage County

Concrete Patio Lombard IL
Concrete Patio Lombard IL

Add beauty and add value to your home and outdoor living space by adding a concrete patio by DEL Concrete Contractors in Lombard IL.  Our concrete patios are not only a beautiful addition to your front or backyard but they are also very durable.  Additionally, our concrete patios require a low level of maintenance and can fit in any style or shape of backyard.  The experts at DEL Concrete can even shape the concrete to the contours of your front or backyard.  This is why DEL Concrete Contractors are the preferred concrete patio contractors of Lombard IL and greater DuPage IL.

Planning a Concrete Patio in Lombard IL

When you are planning a concrete patio for your front or backyard you must first consider the location of the patio.  Some homeowners choose to build the patio near or adjacent to their home while others might choose to build the patio near a deck or even a stand alone patio.  A stand alone concrete patio that is not adjacent to the home can add an additional outdoor living space for your backyard.

D.E.L Concrete Contractors uses superior concrete mix for all of our residential concrete sidewalks.  Our service is not the only superior experience our clients get when choosing us.  We use the highest quality cement mix for all of our concrete sidewalks.  We like to brag that we have paved half of Lombard and the difference is noticeable.  You can tell the residential concrete areas that we have done because you can see that they are still in amazing shape!

Other Residential Concrete Services

How does a concrete patio cost in Lombard IL

DEL Concrete provides superior concrete patio contracting services in the greater DuPage County while maintaining an affordable price.  Concrete Patio pricing can change but we tend to see a $7-$10 cost per square foot.  A custom design with added colors and textures could cast anywhere between $10-$17 per square foot.

When it comes to a reliable residential concrete sidewalk contractor in Lombard IL, D.E.L Concrete Contractors in Lombard IL comes highly recommended.  We treat each one of our residential concrete jobs with the same care no matter how big or small of a job.  We also treat our clients as if they were family.  D.E.L Concrete Contractors know that our best advertising is Word of Mouth from our previous customers.  Give us a call today to start your residential concrete job today!