Concrete Flatwork Contractor Lombard IL & DuPage County

concrete-flatwork-lombard-ilDEL Concrete provides superior concrete flatwork services to the Lombard IL and the surrounding DuPage County.  Our concrete flatwork services include any horizontal planes like patios, sidewalks, concrete floors, concrete parking lots, walkways, garages, basements and concrete stairs.

Our concrete flatwork is much more affordable than other pavement options such as stone, pavers, and masonry.  Our concrete flatwork can be aesthetically pleasing and can complement its surroundings rather than be an eyesore.  With careful consideration the concrete experts at DEL Concrete can customize your concrete flatwork options.  We find the perfect balance of durable and structurally sound foundations while adding a decorative function.

Planning a Concrete Flatwork in Lombard IL

DEL concrete can create just about any finish for your concrete flatwork.  The concrete flatwork finishes we provide create warm, inviting, and interesting effects to your concrete flatwork.  We can help you with any issues with your concrete flatwork.  Some issues might include dirty or stained concrete, cracked or chipped concrete, flaking concrete, and settling issues.  We can help you with these issues and ensure that they don’t happen with a DEL Concrete Flatwork.

D.E.L Concrete Contractors uses superior concrete mix for all of our residential concrete sidewalks.  Our service is not the only superior experience our clients get when choosing us.  We use the highest quality cement mix for all of our concrete sidewalks.  We like to brag that we have paved half of Lombard and the difference is noticeable.  You can tell the residential concrete areas that we have done because you can see that they are still in amazing shape!

Other Residential Concrete Services

Experience concrete flatwork in Lombard IL

When it comes to a reliable residential concrete flatwork contractors in Lombard IL, D.E.L Concrete Contractors in Lombard IL comes highly recommended.  We treat each one of our residential concrete jobs with the same care no matter how big or small of a job.  We also treat our clients as if they were family.  D.E.L Concrete Contractors know that our best advertising is Word of Mouth from our previous customers.  Give us a call today to start your residential concrete job today!