Commercial Core Concrete Construction Lombard IL


Commercial Core Concrete Construction Lombard IL

Commercial Core Concrete Contractor

We offer commercial core concrete to the greater DuPage County and Chicagoland area.  At D.E.L Concrete we ensure that all of our construction on commercial projects are maintained by senior level project managers who specialize in core concrete.

Core concrete typically is a hollow slab of concrete known as a core lab.  It is also commonly known as a voided slab of concrete or a hollow core plank.  Core concrete consists of a precast slab of prestressed concrete.  Core concrete can be used in the construction of apartment buildings for multi-story levels.

DuPage County Commercial Core Concrete

Give us a call to talk about your core concrete needs and project.  We offer free consultations and will take the liberty to provide a quote for your core concrete project.

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D.E.L. Concrete is a commercial concrete contractor specializing in concrete excavation in DuPage County. Family-owned and operated, we provide high-quality concrete and asphalt removal and replacement. Since 1991, our licensed and insured technicians have provided our countless satisfied customers with superior concrete floors, walls and steps.

Lombard Commercial Core Concrete

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail on each and every project. It is our goal to exceed your expectations and deliver all projects on time if not anytime sooner. We treat all our clients like family and look forward to adding you to our family! Call us today for a quote or to get ideas on how to make your dream patio/sidewalk/ a reality!

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